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Cleanroom Testing and Certification

Cleanrooms play main roles in maintaining contamination free production environments for critical processes. A well-executed cleanroom testing and commissioning program is essential to proper cleanroom maintenance and operation and regulatory compliance.

RSH ( Robin Sanat Hounam) in cleanroom performance testing offers comprehensive clean room testing, clean room certification.

RSH’s vast experience in cleanroom systems and HVAC helps ensure these critical area are performing in accordance with international and Local standards. RSH cleanroom testing and certification services are executed in accordance with RSH standard operating procedures (SOPs) which are updated to remain compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Institute of Environmental Science Technologies (IEST).

Primary cleanroom tests include:

. Airflow velocity measurement in unidirectional air flow installation

. Supply/ Return/ Exhaust Airflow velocity measurement in non-unidirectional air flow installation

. Total airflow volume measurement downstream of installed filter

. Air flow volume measurement in supply air duct

. Room air exchange rates

. Air pressure difference test

. Air flow direction test

. HEPA filter integrity testing

. Non-viable particulate monitoring

. Temperature and humidity monitoring

. Air Flow visualization testing

. Light testing

. Air Handling Unit and Fan performance Test according to SOPs

. Other cleanroom tests as per ISO and/IEST

Quality cleanroom design, manufacturing and installation since 2005 Aseptic filling, sterile manufacturing, CGMP cleanrooms

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