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Cleanroom Engineering

The large amount of facilities that ROBIN SANAT HOUNAM has completed allows us to effectively engineer your specific building requirements.

All of our designed and engineered cleanrooms meet classification requirements as well as any other project specific requirements.

Our staff are cleanroom engineering experts with years of experience to design and engineer your facility to meet the highest standards of performance and operation.

Cleanroom Engineering Capabilities:

. Drawing and Engineering calculations for permits

. Professional Engineer review

. AUTOCAD electronic design files

. Cleanroom air turnover / cleanroom class

. Make-up and exhaust air balance

.Positive and negative pressure requirements

. Contamination capture or exhaust

. Heat Load : temperature and humidity control

. Lighting requirements

. Electrical load


. Monitoring systems

. Construction schedule

. Bill of Material

. Final as built cleanroom class certification

Quality cleanroom design, manufacturing and installation since 2005 Aseptic filling, sterile manufacturing, CGMP cleanrooms

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